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The Honorary Sergeant Major of the Regiment (HSGMOR) is appointed by the Secretary of the Army. The HSGMOR is a distinguished retired NCO in the rank of sergeant first class (SFC) or above with prior service in a unit of the regiment. The appointment will be for 3 years. A second 3-year tour may be granted by the appointing authority. Each regiment will have an HSGMOR, but only one will serve in the regiment at any given time. No one HSGMOR serve for more than one regiment simultaneously. The duties of the HSGMOR within the regiment are ceremonial and do not conflict with the chain of command. Attendance at regimental functions is by invitation, and participation is encouraged. The position offers to the regiment the prestige, stature, and experience of the noncommissioned officer appointed as HSGMOR. The HSGMOR will assist the HCOR or HCOC in perpetuating the history of the regiment. HSGMOR appointees will be appointed as Distinguished Members of the Regiment simultaneously with their appointment as HSGMOR. To date, four distinguished retired noncommissioned officers have been appointed as Honorary Sergeant Major of the 28th Infantry Regiment.

SMA William G. Bainbridge
CSM James M. Raney
SGM George Terry
CSM Clifford C. Dockter*

*Current HSGMOR

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