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I am sorry to report the passing of one of the original “Wampus Cats” of World War II. Edward C. Cooney lost his battle with cancer and passed away 2 June 2011. Ed’s wife Elizabeth notified me by telephone today, 21 Sep 2011. Ed had been a Commo Sergeant during WWII with the 28th from June 1942 to October 1945, and had been awarded two Bronze Stars. One of them was downgraded from Silver Star for actions on or about 25 February 1945. Ed was part of M Company 3rd Battalion 28th Infantry Regiment and was crossing the Rohr River with his company when the boat was capsized and all their equipment went down with the boat. Ed ended up swimming to shore then swam back to the other shore to secure more equipment and swam back to help his company, all under fire from the German Snipers and mortar fire and Artillery fire directed at the Wampus Cats. If there is anyone out there who remembers this action please contact me.

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