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6 March 2014

The 28th Infantry website is my primary means of communication with you.  Thanks to our webmaster Black Lion Fred Tolson, our website has emerged from the dark and is now a location where you can easily find timely and relevant information. I now draw your attention under the History tab to a new addition entitled Our Founder. This new posting is a memorial to the founder of the 28th Infantry Regiment Association, Colonel Ed Burke.

I was privileged to serve under Ed in Viet Nam. I knew him not only as a Soldier, patriot, husband, and father but as a life-long friend. I was honored when asked by Ed’s family to speak at his funeral in Arlington National Cemetery.  Due to a very busy cemetery schedule I was given only two minutes to eulogize a man I had known for over forty years. Here’s the words I spoke on that solemn day:

  • His email address was
  • He has been the Face, the Voice, the Heart and Soul of the 28th Infantry Regiment, the Black Lions, for over four decades.
  • The question is why? Why did this particular Regiment of Infantry consume a major portion of Ed Burke’s life?
  • I know the answer! I know why the 28th Infantry Regiment and the Big Red One were so important to him.
  • They were special to him, because in this Regiment of Infantry Ed Burke led men in battle. He commanded Charlie Company in the Regiment’s 2nd Battalion. His radio call sign was Dauntless Charlie 6. His higher headquarters was the 1st Infantry Division.
  • It was in the 28th Regiment of Infantry that Ed Burke came to a full realization of who he was, and on what road he was to travel for the rest of his life.
  • It was in this Regiment of Infantry that Ed Burke became Black Lion Ed.
  • It was while serving in the 28th Regiment of Infantry that Ed Burke committed to a life of Service to the Big Red One.
  • I was Ed Burke’s senior rifle platoon leader. I am eye witness to the marriage of a fiery Irishman from Boston to the 28th U.S. Infantry Regiment and to the 1st Infantry Division.
  • The marriage took place in 1967 on battlefields too numerous to for me to recall. It was under the conditions of battle that the man, the Regiment, the Division became inseparable. In fact, they became one.
  • I know that Black Lion Ed Burke has now joined a band of brothers that have preceded us. They are recounting the experiences of serving something far greater than themselves.
  • I also know that Ed Burke is checking cards for membership in the 28th Infantry Regiment Association and the Society of the 1st Division.
  • God bless you Black Lion Ed.

I also invite you to visit the Honors tab where you can now find a listing of the Distinguished and Honorary Members of the 28th Infantry Regiment, and information about our Regimental March, Distinctive Unit Insignia, and Regimental Motto under the Heraldrylink.

Billy G. Murphy
49th Colonel of the Regiment

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