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22 March 2014

This letter announces a new category of membership in the 28th Infantry Regiment Association.

During the Viet Nam war Lieutenant General (then Captain) James Ellis served the Regiment as the Company Commander of Alpha Company 1st Battalion 28th Infantry Regiment. During Captain Ellis’s time in command of Alpha Company, eight of his Black Lions were killed in action. These men lost their lives while serving the Regiment, but their memory has never been lost on General Ellis. Each year General Ellis honors his fallen Alpha Company Lions by renewing their membership in the 28th Infantry Regiment Association. I became aware of General Ellis’s tribute to his Soldiers only after I became the association president. Word of General Ellis’s manner of honoring his Soldiers began to spread informally within our ranks and other members of the association expressed their desire to honor fallen buddies. This has given rise to a new category of membership in our regimental association-Eternal Membership.

An Eternal Member is a member of the Regiment who was killed in action, and whose membership in the Association is provided by a sponsor. Eternal membership is assured by a one-time payment of annual dues. Eternal Members and sponsors will be linked on a name-to-name basis, and displayed on the Association website.

Mike MacDonald
Your Association President

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  1. bsr291 December 4, 2014 at 7:22 pm #

    I was a black lion 1967-1968 recon 1st devision 28th infantry. Would like to know of anyone who served with me. I’m living in Seattle, retired bartender, two grown boys. Contact me, God bless us all and those who follow.

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